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ABITEC Corporation is a global supplier of emollients and emulsifiers for the personal care and cosmetics industries. We specialize in ester chemistry; emulating products found in nature, and offer a range of mild, non-toxic emulsifiers, solubilizers, couplers, and emollients.

We offer the latest in person care innovations and advancements in beauty care products. Our ingredients are vegetable-based, many are also biodegradable, and food grade materials derived from renewable resources. We invite you to discover and experience our products and see how we can assist you in formulating a complete line of eco-friendly and sophisticated products.  Our portfolio includes:


Refatting Agents





Several of ABITEC’s raw materials have been checked for conformity and can be used in the formulation of cosmetics certified according to the Natural and Organic Ecocert Standards. Click here to view our Ecocert Certificate.