What is it like to work for ABITEC Corporation?

Many of our people like the fast pace, the variety of work and challenges posed by customers, competition and by us. We are demanding for results but in a way that is motivating, team orientated and thoughtful. We look for our people to take responsibility for their priorities and use of time – without our leaders being prescriptive on how results are achieved.

All of our people have potential to grow and develop – regardless of ethnic background, culture, age, gender and style/approach to work – the extent of this potential varies for each person, but we certainly do not want to place an artificial limit on individuals growing and developing to their full potential. With hard work, an engaging style of working that contributes towards the success of the team and the development of a clear track record, you should prosper in our group of companies and in the wider world of Associated British Foods. (see abfoods.com for more information on our parent company and its other operating divisions)

Sounds too good to be true? We are certainly not perfect and the way in which we wish to do business needs continual reinforcement and discussion. However the sentiments expressed here are authentic and real – and we do seek to live by these.