Surfactants & Emulsifiers

ABITEC Corporation manufactures nonionic surfactants for metalworking fluids and water-based lubricants.  Our line includes coconut based ethoxylates, which can be helpful when extra lubricity is needed, as well as surfactants based on castor oil.  We manufacture ethoxylates, propoxylates, EO/PO block polymers and esters, such as PEG esters, at our plants in the USA.  We can manufacture these products in LTL quantities, which is especially beneficial if you are launching new products.

Featuring Acconon EMG

A unique emulsifier specifically designed for metalworking fluid manufacturers looking to formulate semi-synthetic or soluble oil type fluids that are based on vegetable oil. It is designed to overcome the emulsification challenges inherent with canola or soy. Contact us right away if you would like to receive a sample and information about Acconon EMG.

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Additional Available Products

ACCONON® Nonionic Surfactants & Emulsifiers

ABITEC Corporation has more than 50 years experience manufacturing nonionic surfactants at our plant in Janesville, WI. In addition to functioning as excellent water/oil emulsifiers, many of these products can add lubricity to a wide variety of water-extendable metalworking fluids. Our line includes coconut and castor oil ethoxylates and PEG esters.

Product Name Product Description
Acconon CA-5 Polyoxyethylene 5 castor oil
Acconon CA-40 Polyoxythylene 40 castor oil
Acconon CO-5 Polyoxyethylene (5) coconut glycerides
Acconon CO-7

Polyoxyethylene (7) coconut glycerides

Acconon CO-30 Polyoxyethylene coconut glycerides
Acconon 400 MO PEG 400 monooleate
Acconon 400 DO PEG 400 dioleate
Acconon PSTO-20* Ethoxylated sorbitan ester

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