Car Rinse Aids

Car rinse aid emulsifiers are a specialty for ABITEC. Our low VOC products provide excellent freeze-thaw stability and they simplify life for rinse aid manufacturers because, in many cases, secondary emulsifiers are not necessary to maintain a stable, clear emulsion.

ABITEC emulsifiers offer some unique benefits for car rinse aid formulators:

  • Excellent freeze-thaw stability; this is especially important in colder climate areas. Emulsifiers with poor freeze-thaw stability can cause a haze to develop in the final rinse aid product, and in some cases, the fluid cannot be made clear even after being warmed.
  • Reduced likelihood to gel or thicken during manufacture, before the final concentration is reached. As true micro-emulsions, the rinse aids formulated from our products are infinitely dilutable, which helps to reduce the likelihood that adding too much water will break the emulsion
  • Some of our rinse aid emulsifiers are ready to go as-is; With our EZ Dry 7000 there is no need to use additional or secondary emulsifiers to create a clear micro-emulsion characteristic of well-made rinse aids
  • Low VOCs (volatile organic compounds); our car rinse aid emulsifiers are very low in VOCs compared to many competitive rinse aid emulsifiers
  • Reduced need for co-solvents; many rinse aid formulators have found that they can considerably less co-solvent, such as Glycol Ether EB, in their formulations.

Our ACCOQUAT® products are sulfate-based quaternaries. If you are looking to formulate car wash rinse aids, we offer several products that help you provide your customers with the right combination of performance, ease of use, and sustainability.

Product Name Application Benefits
Accoquat EZ-Dry 7000 Emulsifier is pre-blended with mineral seal oil
Accoquat CS 4000 Low VOC, no additional emulsifiers needed
Accoquat CS 5000

Excellent choice for higher boiling range mineral seal oil, Low VOC, no additional emulsifiers needed

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