Friction Modifiers

With the growing focus on energy efficiency and global warming, automobile manufacturers and industrial machinery OEMs are increasingly recommending lower viscosity engine oils and lubricants.  ABITEC's friction modifiers are increasingly used to help reduce friction in engine oils and lubricants.

Improving Energy Efficiency

With ABITEC's CAPLUBE® GMO-50 friction modifiers

  • less viscous
  • protects metal surfaces
  • improved friction and wear reduction vs. competitive GMOs


Industrial & Automotive Applications


Minimize metal-to-metal contact, reduce friction, and control wear in automotive and industrial applications. Caplube friction modifiers (FMs) based on glycerol monooleate (GMO) offer unique characteristics which make them well-suited for lubricant applications. They have a high alpha-mono (1-mono) content and low acid value that can be beneficial for lubricant applications. Caplube GMO FMs synergize effectively with organo-metallic FMs, or they can be effective on their own in many lubricant formulations.

Product Name Product Description Technical Data
CAPLUBE GMO-50 Glyceryl Monooleate Download Technical Datasheet



If you are looking for a company that has years of experience producing a broad range of friction modifier chemistries, then your first call should be to ABITEC. Our expertise extends across esters, amides and alkoxylates and we have the capability to make any of these products in LTL quantities which makes scale-up easier.  So if you are looking for one company that can manufacture or blend a new or unique friction modifier, we are ready to help.

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