Sulfate-Free & EO-Free

As consumers become more aware about the ingredients used in personal care and cosmetic products, many are demanding formulations that are free of sulfates or ethylene oxide (EO).  ABITEC offers solutions for both of these.

Available Products


For sulfate-free formulations, ABITEC offers our Capmul® S12L, which is sodium lauroyl lactylate that offers the advantage of being a liquid at room temperature.  It also can boost the foaming ability of sulfate-free formulations depending on the pH of the final formulation.  

Product Name Chemical Name CAS Number
Capmul S12L‡ Sodium Lauroyl Lactylate 13557-75-0

‡This product has a 6K lb. minimum order quantity (MOQ).  Please contact us directly for samples at [email protected] 




CAPROL® Polyglycerol Esters

Polyglycerol esters manufactured by ABITEC Corporation are very effective surfactants, particularly where the formulator wants to reduce or eliminate ethylene oxide (EO) from cosmetics and personal care products.  ABITEC offers polyglycerol esters that vary in HLB from 2.5 to 11. 

Product Name Chemical Name CAS Number
Caprol 3GO

Triglycerol  Monooleate

Caprol ET

Hexaglycerol Octasterate

Caprol MPGO Polyglycerol Esters of Oleic Acid 9007-48-1
Caprol PGE 860 Decaglycerol Mono- & Dioleate 9007-48-1
Caprol 10G10O

Decaglycerol Decaoleate



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