Columbus, OH – October 14, 2015 – ABITEC Corporation will be exhibiting this month at the AAPS Annual Meeting and Expo.  ABITEC is dedicated to the advancement of essential bioavailability enhancement and formulation development technology.  ABITEC synthesizes and produces lipid based excipients to enhance bioavailability of poorly water soluble and poorly permeable molecules for the pharmaceutical industry.

ABITEC is pleased to announce the following new products:


ABITEC introduces new INJECTA™ parenteral grade lipid excipients at CPHI to enable improved solubilization and permeation for injectable APIs.  The INJECTA grade portfolio of products launched at CPHI include: Captex® medium chain triglycerides and Capmul® mono-and di-glycerides of glycol esters fully analyzed and packaged for parenteral application.  Samples of the INJECTA parenteral grade products are available, and can be requested at the ABITEC booth# 1648.


ABITEC has expanded its portfolio of CAPMUL bioavailability enhancers which are medium-chain mono- and di-glycerides and propylene glycol esters. These functional lipid excipients act as solubilizers and emulsifiers in oral, topical, transdermal, and parenteral drug delivery systems. CAPMUL excipients are recognized as the ideal starting point when formulating BCS Class II & IV (poorly water soluble) and BCS Class III & IV (poorly permeable) molecules. Lipid based drug delivery systems may be formulated as liquid or semi-solid formulations for oral dosage forms, as well as creams and ointments for topical and transdermal applications.

CAPMUL may be used as a majority component in solubilization/emulsification formulations.  Or whenever necessary, CAPMUL based formulations may be customized with the inclusion of CAPTEX medium-chain triglycerides and/or ACCONON® nonionic surfactants, added for enhanced bioavailability.

ABITEC manufactures CAPMUL, CAPTEX and ACCONON high-quality lipid excipients for drug delivery applications in accordance with strict cGMP and applicable IPEC (International Pharmaceutical Excipient Council) guidelines in ISO certified facilities. ABITEC’s customer-preferred portfolio of pharmaceutical excipients are monograph compliant, supported by drug master files (DMFs), and have precedence of use.  For more information about all of ABITEC’s invaluable solutions please contact us at [email protected] or visit us in person at the AAPS show, booth# 1648.


For further information, please contact:
Amanda Coulter, Manager: Marketing Research & Communications

614-429-6453 | [email protected]