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Delivering Solutions in Solubilization, Emulsification and Lubrication

By combining synthesis and analytical expertise in organic compounds with a high quality manufacturing operation, we offer a wide range of exceptional ingredients to our customers.  We produce specialty ingredients for the pharmaceutical, nutritional, industrial specialty markets and provide contract and toll mfg services to help you better serve the needs of your customers.

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Spotlight: Our products

  • Thumbnail image for Captex®

    Medium chain esters can be used in the manufacture of topical aerosols, foams, creams, ointments, and lotions as…

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  • Thumbnail image for Capmul®

    Capmul products are mono-, di- and triglyceride emulsifiers prepared through the glycerolysis of select fats and oils.

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  • Thumbnail image for Caprol®

    Caprol polyglycerol esters (PGE’s) are generally prepared by esterification of select polyglycerol molecules with fatty acids or by…

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  • Thumbnail image for Sterotex®

    The Sterotex line of excipients are finely divided food grade vegetable powders. This line of products can act as lubricants…

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  • Thumbnail image for Accoquat®

    ABITEC produces a full line of methyl sulfate type rinse cycle fabric softener quaternaries for both the industrial and consumer…

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  • Thumbnail image for Nutri Sperse®
    Nutri Sperse®

    Nutri Sperse is a unique line of specialty lipid based nutritional bases. They are designed to be highly…

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  • Thumbnail image for Acconon®

    The Acconon line consists of nonionic surfactants which are useful as emulsifiers, mild surfactants, dispersants…

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  • Thumbnail image for Hydro~Kote®

    Hydro~Kote vegetable based products are designed to meet exact melting requirements and eliminate variation…

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  • Thumbnail image for Pureco®

    Pureco products are refined, bleached and deodorized natural vegetable oils. Specific Pureco oils may be partially…

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  • Thumbnail image for Other Products
    Other Products

    ABITEC offers many vegetable based replacements for traditional personal care products that may not fit into green…

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Our news

11th Sep, 2017

Associated British Foods plc issues the following update prior to entering the close period for its full year results for…

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26th Jul, 2017

Are your Nutraceutical ingredients "SENDing" the right message? ABITEC introduces SENDS - a Self-Emulsifying Nutraceutical Delivery System "As featured in…

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