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Product Lines - ABITEC


The Acconon line consists of nonionic surfactants which are useful as emulsifiers, mild surfactants, dispersants, solubilizers, and viscosity control agents.


ABITEC produces a full line of methyl sulfate type rinse cycle fabric softener quaternaries for both the industrial and consumer industries.  Accoquat softeners include both tallow and vegetable based amide and ester quats.  We  produce two types of amide quaternary chemistries,  diamido amine and imidazoliium quaternaries.


Capmul products are mono- and diglyceride emulsifiers, they are used primarily as emulsifiers, emollients, secondary surfactants, and may have anti-microbial properties. They are used to produce stable emulsions to modify viscosity, and act as carriers and vehicles in selected applications.


Caprol polyglycerol esters are very useful as solubilizers, clouding agents, crystallization inhibitors, in lip glosses, and as suspending agents in select applications.


This popular line of triglycerides and esters provides a diverse range of sensory properties in addition to their function as solubilizers. They are best utilized for highly-refined emollients, solvents, fixatives, extenders, and carriers.


Hydro~Kote hydrogenated vegetable oils act as bulking agents, feel modifiers, and low cost emollients. They are the ideal choice in suppository bases, lipstick, solid fragrances, antiperspirant sticks, emollient creams, and lotions.

Nutri Sperse

Nutri Sperse and Captex powders deliver up to 73% of lipids from a selection of premium, non-hydrogenated oil sources that are readily and reliably dispersible across a spectrum of hot and cold aqueous applications.


This line of vegetable oils is very useful in personal care formulations as emollients and lubricating agents.


The Sterotex line of excipients are finely divided food grade vegetable powders. This line of products can act as lubricants, bulking agents, binders, and mold release agents.