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Hydro~Kote® - ABITEC

Hydro~Kote vegetable based products are designed to meet exact melting requirements and eliminate variation typically found in cocoa butter and similar products. Hydro~Kote products are occlusive skin feel modifiers and act as bases for lipsticks, blushers, balms, fragrance sticks and in eye products such as mascara, pencils and liners. They also provide a consistent, stable base for make-up creams, lotions, and foundations.

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Product Name

Chemical Name

CAS Number


Hydro~Kote 112 Hydrogenated Palm Kernel Oil 68334-28-1 Hydrogenated Palm Kernel Oil
Hydro~Kote C Hydrogenated Cottenseed Oil 68334-00-9 Hydrogenated Cottonseed Oil
Hydro~Kote M Hydrogenated Palm Kernel Oil 68334-28-1 Hydrogenated Palm Kernel Oil


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