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Nutri Sperse® - ABITEC

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Nutri Sperse nutritional bases are not your basic powdered fats and oils…

Nutri Sperse and Captex powders deliver up to 73% of lipids from a selection of premium, non-hydrogenated oil sources that are readily and reliably dispersible across a spectrum of hot and cold aqueous applications. They bring a creamy texture and functionality to products where liquid oils are not welcome. All Nutri Sperse and Captex products are Kosher and carry a 12 month shelf life.

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Product Name


Oil Type 


Nutri Sperse A5100* Dairy base High Oleic Sunflower 45%
Nutri Sperse CAN 70  NFDM Canola 70%
Nutri Sperse HOS 70 ND Non-dairy High Oleic Sunflower 70%
Nutri Sperse HOS 73 Buttermilk High Oleic Sunflower 73%
Nutri Sperse HOSO M Non-dairy High Oleic Sunflower 48%
Nutri Sperse MCT CA Non-Dairy MCT 25%
Nutri Sperse MCT 50 Non-dairy MCT 50%
Nutri Sperse MCT 70 NFDM MCT 70%


NUTRI SPERSE powdered lipids work great in a variety of applications.  Check out some of the ways you can incorporate it into your next formulation NUTRI SPERSE COOKBOOK

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