Featuring Accoquat C-15

  • Makes an excellent hydrotrope for aqueous metal cleaners, water-based degreasers and hard surface cleaners 
  • Boosts the solubility of ingredients that are only modestly soluble in water
  • Helps improve the stability of cleaning formulations, particularly where the nonionic surfactant may be insoluble in the presence of electrolytes, such as chelates and builders
  • Enables formulators to develop shelf stable cleaners



产品名称化学名称CAS 编号INCI(国际化妆品原料命名)名称
Accoquat 522HF-90甲基牛油二乙烯三胺缩合物聚乙氧基硫酸甲酯68410-69-5, 111-46-6
Accoquat 522LM-75甲基牛油二乙烯三胺缩合物聚乙氧基硫酸甲酯68410-69-5, 67-63-0, 57-55-6
Accoquat 522LM-90甲基牛油二乙烯三胺缩合物聚乙氧基硫酸甲酯68410-69-5, 67-63-0, 57-55-6
Accoquat 622-90甲基双(大豆酰胺乙基)-2-羟乙基硫酸甲酯季铵68605-27-6, 67-63-0 
Accoquat 622HF-90聚(氧-1,2-乙二基), α-(2-(双(2-氨乙基) 甲胺)乙基)- Ω-羟基-, N,N’-二-C14-C18 酰基硫酸甲酯衍生物(盐)70914-09-9, 57-55-6
Accoquat 875-804,5-二氢-1-甲基-2-正脂烷基-1-(2-脂基酰氨乙基)硫酸甲酯与咪唑啉盐的化合物68122-86-1, 67-63-0
Accoquat 875-904,5-二氢-1-甲基-2-正脂烷基-1-(2-脂基酰氨乙基)硫酸甲酯与咪唑啉盐的化合物68122-86-1, 67-63-0
Accoquat OIMS HF-90(饱和烷基)-1-(2-(C18 和 C18-不饱和酰胺)乙基)-4,5-二氢-1-甲基硫酸甲酯72749-55-4, 57-55-6

Fabric Softener Imidazolinium Type Quats

Product Name

Chemical Name



Accoquat 875-80

Imidazolinium Compounds, 4,5-Dihydro-1-Methyl-2-Nortallow Alkyl-1-(2-Tallow Amidoethyl) Methyl Sulfates

80% active

68122-86-1, 67-63-0

Accoquat 875-90

Imidazolinium Compounds, 4,5-Dihydro-1-Methyl-2-Nortallow Alkyl-1-(2-Tallow Amidoethyl) Methyl Sulfates

90% active

68122-86-1, 67-63-0

Car Wash Rinse Aid Quats

Product Name

Application Benefits

Accoquat CS-4000

Low VOC, no additional emulsifiers needed

Accoquat CS-5000

Excellent choice for higher boiling range mineral seal oil, Low VOC, no additional emulsifiers needed

Accoquat EZ-Dry 7000

Emulsifier is pre-blended with mineral seal oil