Featuring Accoquat C-15

  • Makes an excellent hydrotrope for aqueous metal cleaners, water-based degreasers and hard surface cleaners 
  • Boosts the solubility of ingredients that are only modestly soluble in water
  • Helps improve the stability of cleaning formulations, particularly where the nonionic surfactant may be insoluble in the presence of electrolytes, such as chelates and builders
  • Enables formulators to develop shelf stable cleaners
NEW! Car Wash Drying Aids

NEW! Car Wash Drying Aids


Car Wash Rinse Aid Quats

Product Name

Application Benefits

Accoquat CS 3000

Premium cationic emulsifier for  car wash rinse aid formulations

Accoquat CS 3000 NF

Excellent nonflammable cationic emulsifier

Accoquat CS-4000

Low VOC, no additional emulsifiers needed

Accoquat CS-6000 HF

Easy go for all MSO! Create micro-emulsions with exceptional freeze-thaw stability across all MSO systems, delivering a superior balance of water beading, sheeting action, and water-spot reduction. This formula is designed for achieving a protective, high-gloss finish in both manual and automatic car-washing systems.

Accoquat CS ULTRA NF

Multifunctional, nonflammable, climate-stable quat system

Accoquat EZ-DRY 8000 HF

Dilute and shoot system with excellent water repellency

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产品名称化学名称CAS 编号INCI(国际化妆品原料命名)名称
Accoquat 522HF-90甲基牛油二乙烯三胺缩合物聚乙氧基硫酸甲酯68410-69-5, 111-46-6
Accoquat 522LM-75甲基牛油二乙烯三胺缩合物聚乙氧基硫酸甲酯68410-69-5, 67-63-0, 57-55-6
Accoquat 522LM-90甲基牛油二乙烯三胺缩合物聚乙氧基硫酸甲酯68410-69-5, 67-63-0, 57-55-6
Accoquat 622-90甲基双(大豆酰胺乙基)-2-羟乙基硫酸甲酯季铵68605-27-6, 67-63-0 
Accoquat 622HF-90聚(氧-1,2-乙二基), α-(2-(双(2-氨乙基) 甲胺)乙基)- Ω-羟基-, N,N’-二-C14-C18 酰基硫酸甲酯衍生物(盐)70914-09-9, 57-55-6
Accoquat 875-804,5-二氢-1-甲基-2-正脂烷基-1-(2-脂基酰氨乙基)硫酸甲酯与咪唑啉盐的化合物68122-86-1, 67-63-0
Accoquat 875-904,5-二氢-1-甲基-2-正脂烷基-1-(2-脂基酰氨乙基)硫酸甲酯与咪唑啉盐的化合物68122-86-1, 67-63-0
Accoquat OIMS HF-90(饱和烷基)-1-(2-(C18 和 C18-不饱和酰胺)乙基)-4,5-二氢-1-甲基硫酸甲酯72749-55-4, 57-55-6

Fabric Softener Imidazolinium Type Quats

Product Name

Chemical Name



Accoquat 875-80

Imidazolinium Compounds, 4,5-Dihydro-1-Methyl-2-Nortallow Alkyl-1-(2-Tallow Amidoethyl) Methyl Sulfates

80% active

68122-86-1, 67-63-0

Accoquat 875-90

Imidazolinium Compounds, 4,5-Dihydro-1-Methyl-2-Nortallow Alkyl-1-(2-Tallow Amidoethyl) Methyl Sulfates

90% active

68122-86-1, 67-63-0

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