US ingredients conglomerate announces new partnership to distribute specialty lipids into the pharmaceutical and nutritional markets in Asia and South America.

ABITEC Corporation has executed a multi-year agreement with distribution partner IMCD, to promote and sell its specialty lipid products into the Brazil, China, India, and Taiwan markets. The arrangement strengthens an already existing relationship between the two companies and aims to fulfill market innovation and customer demand requirements for ABITEC’s functional lipid products in these new locales.

Neil Houston, Director of Pharmaceuticals Americas-IMCD, notes, “The expansion of our relationship with ABITEC is an excellent fit with our business as we continue to align with world class suppliers of pharmaceutical ingredients on a multi-regional basis. We recognize ABITEC’s portfolio of unique lipids as being a vital ingredient to provide our customers with formulation solutions, particularly with poorly soluble API’s.”

Dr. Donald Kelemen, Head of Corporate Development-ABITEC states “ABITEC’s relationship with IMCD has quickly transitioned into an effective and mutually beneficial partnership centered on trust, a shared common vision and commercial growth. In addition to having access to their global teams of highly trained scientists, IMCD provides ABITEC with an understanding of local market dynamics. Together, this agreement will allow both companies to expand our presence in markets of growing world economies and will greatly assist regional and multinational pharmaceutical and nutritional companies to develop products of the highest quality for their customers.”

ABITEC’s specialty lipids include CAPMUL®, CAPTEX®, CAPROL®, ACCONON®, STEROTEX®, NUTRI SPERSE®, HYRDO-KOTE® and PURECO® and can be used for a variety of applications, including pharmaceutical, nutritional and cosmetic products, as well as in the manufacturing of foams, creams, ointments and lotions.


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