Fat is Back!

Dr. Alice Hirschel, Technical Business Director ABITEC

ABITEC’s CAPTEX® MCTs are the purest, most stable, and highest quality sourced MCTs for your formulation.  CAPTEX® MCTs are fats the body converts to ketones, a form of fuel to energize the brain and body.

Fat is back! Perceptions for dietary fats are changing. The long-standing vilification of fat in the western diet was based on fabricated data. It was once believed that consuming dietary fat, especially saturated fat, was to be avoided. Recently, the science behind the criticism of dietary fat was proven to be falsified. Now the focus has switched to understanding the need for fats in the diet instead of the prior focus on increased consumption of sugar and other refined carbohydrates (1).   Saturated fats in particular have many benefits that were often overlooked due to the inaccurate beliefs that fats were bad. Saturated fats like medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) have been shown to support a variety of benefits, including supporting normal cognitive requirements, sports performance, energy, satiety, and nutrient absorption. MCTs are naturally found in coconuts and palm, and the body can easily digest saturated fats for fuel to energize the brain and body. 


CAPTEX® is the optimum MCT ingredient for your formulations:

ABITEC’s CAPTEX® MCTs are the purest, most stable, and highest quality sourced MCTs for your formulation.  CAPTEX® MCTs are fats the body converts to ketones, a form of fuel to energize the brain and body.  MCTs containing caprylic acid (C8) have been clinically proven to increase blood ketones levels (2).  In addition to the proven increase in ketones to fuel the brain and body, ABITEC’s proven lipid delivery systems use CAPTEX® MCT to formulate for improved nutrient absorption (3-6).  With the increasing amount of ingredients being formulated into a single dose product, it is becoming even more important for formulators to be conscious of a nutrient’s bioavailability.  Low bioavailability is most common with oral dosage forms of poorly water-soluble, slowly-absorbed nutrients.  CAPTEX® MCTs provide the ability to solubilize active nutritional ingredients in lipid delivery systems, while contributing neutral taste and odor to the formulation.  CAPTEX® MCTs are ideal for a variety of delivery forms such as pills, powders, liquids, baked goods, snacks, candy and beverages. 


Top 4 Health Benefits from formulating with MCTs


Supports normal cognitive function.

MCTs are fats the body converts to ketones, a form of fuel to energize the brain and body.  The brain has a colossal energy requirement for its size, 22% of the body’s oxygen consumption is used by an organ that is roughly 2% of the adult’s body weight (4).  The brain requires this amount of oxygen in order to process glucose into energy (4).  Almost 97% of a healthy adult’s brain fuel requirement is satisfied by glucose, the remainder comes from ketones (4, 5).  However, as aging occurs, ketones can provide over 60% of the brain’s fuel requirement (6).  MCTs have been clinically proven to increase blood ketones levels (2), critically important for ketones to reach and fuel the brain, providing cognition support, focus and energy to your formulation!


Increases energy by fueling the body and brain with fat.

Increased energy is now the number two health benefit for which consumers are looking to improve.  The issue with most energy enhancing products on the market is that energy may not be sustained and they only provide short-term benefits.  MCTs have been shown to increase blood ketone levels (2) providing not only quick energy to the brain and body, but due to the unique absorption of various fatty acids they also provide sustained energy to keep the mind and body moving throughout the day. 

Improves sports performance.

MCTs have traditionally been developed for and consumed by athletes and bodybuilders to target potential improvements to performance and energy.  MCTs are absorbed and digested rapidly for quick energy, critically important for and during endurance exercise.  Consumption of MCTs has been shown to significantly improve endurance performance (7). 

Promotes increased satiety and weight management.

Hunger and satiety depend on feedback loops involving many hormones and other biological factors, one being the recognition of energy for the body.  The quick metabolism of MCTs into ketones provide an excellent energy source.  Studies show that MCT supplementation increases satiety, reduces feelings of hunger and decreases food consumption during the following meal (8,9).  MCTs have been shown to increase calorie burning during exercise (10) and enhance fat metabolism (11) which may contribute to successful weight management.


So what's the lesson here?

Stick to the FACTS on FAT and you may be on your way to a healthier lifestyle.  Keep science at the forefront, remember that perceptions are not always right, and be careful what you read, unless it's your ingredient's label!


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