ABITEC Corporation launches first multi-climate nonflammable car spray line into the market


Columbus, OH – [February 21, 2020] ABITEC Corporation continues to innovate products that offer enhanced performance, efficiency, and environmental-friendliness

ABITEC Corporation, a global manufacturer of surfactants and emulsifiers for the specialty chemical market continues to develop products that meet and exceed product and consumer demand.  As the demand for sustainable, environmentally-friendly ingredients continues to rise, ABITEC prides itself on keeping the health and safety of consumers at the forefront of their product development initiatives. ABITEC has been manufacturing safe, naturally-derived ingredients for 20+ years and today’s conscious consumers appreciate that no matter the product or use.

ABITEC’s new nonflammable ACCOQUAT® product line offers industry-leading technology enabling car rinse aid formulators to utilize one product that meets all their needs.  In addition, ABITEC’s focus on responsible sourcing and safety has pushed them to develop solutions that go beyond the minimum requirements of the industry.   The New ACCOQUAT CS ULTRA NF offers versatility and safety as the industry’s first multi-climate stable, nonflammable emulsifier.  Its versatility allows for use with a wide range of oils, ease of formulating, and improved overall performance of your end use product.  




About ABITEC Corporation

With over 50 years of experience in working with organic compounds and high-quality ingredients, ABITEC continues to be at the forefront in developing advanced lipid technologies that will serve our customers now and in the future. We know that relationships are key, and that is why we combine excellent customer service and innovative products to ensure our clients can find solutions for any need in their industry.

ABITEC’s trademarked specialty ingredients include Capmul, Captex, Caprol, Acconon, Sterotex, Nutri Sperse, Hydro~Kote and Pureco. Their application areas vary from pharmaceutical, nutritional and cosmetic products, to the manufacturing of foams, creams, ointments and lotions. These ingredients are produced in the USA.     

About ABF Ingredients

ABF Ingredients is a division of Associated British Foods that focuses on high value ingredients for both food and non-food areas and comprises a range of ingredient companies which include AB Enzymes, Ohly, PGP International, and SPI Pharma.  The group has established strong market positions in cereal specialties, enzymes, esters, extruded ingredients, specialty lipids, specialty powders, specialty flours, yeast extracts worldwide.

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