Nutritional Applications

ABITEC provides ingredient options that span across all your application needs whether nutritional, functional, or both. We supply a wide range of functional nutritional lipids and functional ingredients derived mainly from vegetable sources that can be incorporated into a variety of nutritional applications.

SENDS™ - Self Emulsifying Nutraceutical Delivery System

Combinations of ABITEC functional lipids have demonstrated the ability to dissolve low-solubility active nutraceutical ingredients (ANIs) to form micro-emulsions on contact with aqueous media and to provide for the complete release of the ANI supporting absorption.

Functional Food

ABITEC supplies a wide range of ingredients that can aid in the functionality and nutritional composition of functional foods.

Functional Beverage

ABITEC's ingredients can add sustainable nutritional benefits and improved functionality to your functional beverage portfolio.


ABITEC offers a full line of powdered ingredients with unique properties that improve taste, mouth feel, and texture while providing additional nutritional benefits like energy, cognition and weight management.

Tablets & Softgels

ABITEC's products provide both functional and nutritional benefits across your tablet and softgel applications.


ABITEC's functional lipids aid in solubility, emulsification, and permeability offering unique benefits to the encapsulation of actives in vitamins, minerals, and probiotics. ABITEC ingredients are also utilized in overcoming manufacturing encapsulation inefficiencies.

Processing Aids

ABITEC has a portfolio of products that can be used as processing aids for your tablet and softgel manufacturing. Our products work well as lubricants, printing and painting of softgels, as an anti-adhesive for tablets, and more!


ABITEC's Captex MCTs have ideal melting point properties as well as additional nutritional benefits that make them perfect for your spread formulation.