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The brain has a colossal energy requirement for its size, 22% of the body’s oxygen consumption is used by an organ that is roughly 2% of an adult’s body weight [1]. The brain requires this amount of oxygen in order to process glucose into energy [1]. Almost 97% of a healthy adult’s brain fuel requirement is satisfied by glucose, the remainder comes from ketones [1, 2]. However, as we age, ketones can provide over 60% of the brain’s fuel requirement [3]. Glucose uptake in the brain decreases as we age, human studies have shown that glucose uptake may decrease 10-15% in the elderly compared to non-elderly subjects [4-7]. Further evidence suggests subjects with Alzheimer's disease have 20-25% decrease in glucose uptake [4-7]. It has been proposed that glucose use and/or uptake by the brain can diminish long before clinical cognitive decline is noted, especially if one has genetic Alzheimer’s predisposition [7]. Learning and memory may also be affected by glucose deficit conditions [8-10]

Featuring: Captex® 8000 (high C8 content MCT)

ABITEC's Captex medium-chain triglycerides come in a variety of grades, each with unique characteristics for different formulations. Our Captex 8000 MCT contains 98% C8 acyl groups.

Medium-chain triglycerides (MCT) are fats typically containing 8-12 carbons. Each MCT can vary in C8-C12 content. Captex 8000, with its high content of C8 acyl groups, has fewer carbons than fats (triglycerides) with longer acyl groups. This is noteworthy because studies have shown that ingestion of MCTs with high C8 significantly increases the ketone production compared to longer-carbon MCTs [11,12].  A recent study from Cunnane et al, showed C8 fatty acids derived from such MCTs increases blood ketones 3 times more than C10 over an 8-hour period [13].

ABITEC's Captex 8000 can be taken alone or incorporated into a wide range of different formulations such as:

  • Ready-to-drink (RTD) Beverages
  • Bars
  • Gelpaks
  • Energy Shots
  • Coffee Creamers

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Product Name

Chemical Name Caprylic (C8) fatty acid content (%) Capric (C10) fatty acid content (%) CAS Number
Captex 8000  Glyceryl Tricaprylate 98 <1 538-23-8

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Medium-Chain Triglycerides (MCTs) are a readily available source of energy for the body and brain, and have shown to increase ketone development helping provide fuel (energy) for the brain to function.

In addition, they are:

  • Kosher and Halal
  • Easily incorporated into a variety of formats such as; functional beverages, bars, gummies, gelpaks, powders, etc.
  • Not manufactured from bioengineered ingredients (Non-GMO)
  • Readily available to support cognition, promote muscle recovery, and support weight wellness [14-16]
  • Available in powdered forms through our Nutri Sperse® product line
  • Excellent stability with 24-36 month shelf life

Multiple Sustainable Raw Material Options Available 

Coconut, Palm-free, and RSPO Options

Product Name

Chemical Name Caprylic (C8) fatty acid content (%) Capric (C10) fatty acid content (%) CAS Number
Captex 300 Glyceryl Tricaprylate/ Tricaprate ~70 ~30  65381-09-1
Captex 355 Glyceryl Tricaprylate/ Tricaprate ~55 ~35 65381-09-1,
Captex 1000  Glyceryl Tricaprate <1 98 621-71-6

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NUTRI SPERSE lipid powders deliver up to 73% fat content from a wide range of healthy oils, including medium chain triglycerides (MCTs), canola, and high oleic sunflower. All of our oils are low trans fat, non hydrogenated, Kosher, and Halal. They are dispersible across a spectrum of hot and cold aqueous applications, and they provide a creamy mouth feel and improved functionality to products where liquid oils are not applicable.

Additionally, they are:

  • Available with dairy and non-dairy bases*
  • Available with MCTs for increased and sustainable energy supply
  • Used to promote post-workout recovery 
  • Up to 24 month shelf life

*The carbohydrate and proteins in the bases of Nutri Sperse powders are specifically selected to provide nutritional functionality, such as, slow to fast energy production.

Product Name


Oil Type 


Nutri Sperse MCT GA* Gum Acacia MCT 70%
Nutri Sperse MCT 50 Non-GMO Maltodextrin MCT 50%
Nutri Sperse MCT 70 Nonfat Dried Milk MCT 70%
Nutri Sperse MCT C8 Nonfat Dried Milk MCT 70%

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