Formulating with Cannabis can be very challenging especially when exploring new and unique dosage forms.  ABITEC's functional lipids could help aid in the solubilization, emulsification, and delivery of your cannabis actives in a variety of applications.

Lipid Delivery Systems for CBD

Lipid-based delivery is an effective method for incorporating insoluble actives in a variety of dosage forms by carrying the active in an oil in water emulsion

ABITEC’s portfolio includes:

  • Solubilizers
  • Emulsifiers
  • Surfactants
  • Penetration Enhancers
  • Emollients
  • Viscosity modifiers
  • Skin conditioning

A typical LBD system will consist of a solubilizer, an emulsifier, and a surfactant and/or co-surfactant. For the nutritional space, ABITEC supplies a portfolio to support these formulations:

  • CAPTEX® - Solubilizers
  • CAPMUL® and CAPROL® - Emulsifiers
  • ACCONON® Surfactants

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Product Portfolio

CAPTEX® Medium-Chain Triglycerides

ABITEC’s CAPTEX® Medium-Chain Triglycerides (MCTs), when incorporated into oral dosage forms, can provide increased active solubilization of CBD formulations by

  • Keeping CBD in solution
  • Providing controlled and consistent dosing of your CBD products

In addition they:

  • Are useful as a processing aid in various delivery forms such as, soft gels and powders
  • Have excellent stability, 24-36 month shelf life

Coconut, Palm-free, and RSPO Options

Product Name

Chemical Name Caprylic (C8) fatty acid content (%) Capric (C10) fatty acid content (%) CAS Number
Captex 300 Glyceryl Tricaprylate/ Tricaprate ~70 ~30

 65381-09-1,   73398-61-5

Captex 355 Glyceryl Tricaprylate/ Tricaprate ~55 ~35 65381-09-1,
Captex 1000  Glyceryl Tricaprate <1 98 621-71-6
Captex 8000  Glyceryl Tricaprylate 98 <1 538-23-8

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CAPMUL® Emulsifiers

ABITEC’s CAPMUL® Emulsifiers aid in ingredient absorption, emulsification and solubilization, easily mixed with water-based substances

Functionalities include:

  • Bioavailability enhancer
  • Solubilizer
  • Emulsifier/co-emulsifier
  • Carrier (vehicle)
Product Name Chemical Name CAS Number 
Capmul 471 Glyceryl caprylate/caprate 91744-32-0
Capmul GMO-50 Glyceryl Monooleate 25496-72-4


CAPROL® Emulsifiers

ABITEC's CAPROL® Emulsifiers, are polyglycerol esters (PGEs) that offer a wide range of HLBs meeting the needs of many formulation requirements. In addition they can be easily substitute for ethoxylated nonionics and other synthetically derived emulsifiers in lotions and creams.

For your CBD formulation, these products can provide:

  • Improved dispersion of CBD throughout a water-based beverage/product*
  • Reduced sediment that may settle if not formulated correctly

*Customers are responsible for ensuring compliance of their formulations and applications with Federal and State regulations

Product Name

Chemical Name

CAS Number


Caprol 3GO

Triglycerol  Monooleate


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Caprol ET

Hexaglycerol Octasterate


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Caprol MPGO

Polyglycerol Esters of Oleic Acid


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Caprol PGE 860

Decaglycerol Mono- & Dioleate


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ACCONON® Surfactants

ABITEC's ACCONON® Surfactants are  used to improve the bioavailability of poorly water soluble drugs by direct solubilization or by acting as a stabilizing surfactant in active carrying emulsions

Product Name Chemical Name
Acconon C-44 EP/NF* Lauroyl Macrogoglycerides
Acconon C-50 EP/NF* Stearoyl Macrogolglycerides or Stearoyl Polyoxylglycerides


*Developmental, for nutritional/food application in US only.

Legal Disclaimer

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