Bioavailability Enhancers

With the increasing amount of ingredients being formulated into a single dose vitamin or supplement it is becoming even more important for formulators to be conscious of nutrient's bioavailability. Product success may be measured by the bioavailablity or the amount of active nutrient absorbed and able to have an active effect in the body. Low bioavailability is most common with oral dosage forms of poorly water-soluble, slowly absorbed nutrients. ABITEC's products provide solutions to support nutrient bioavailability.

Feature Product: CAPMUL® - Where Formulation Begins

These functional lipids act as solubilizers and emulsifiers in oral delivery systems. CAPMUL ingredients are recognized as the ideal starting point when formulating poorly water soluble and poorly permeable molecules. Lipid based nutraceutical delivery systems may be formulated as liquid or semi-solid formulations for oral dosage forms.

Functionalities Include:

Specific Use of Capmul for Bioavailability Enhancement:

  • Nutrient solubility and protection against enzymatic hydrolysis, coupled with enhanced absorption
  • Efficient in the solubilization or dispersion of active ingredients and polar lipids
Product Name Chemical Name

Capmul 471

Glyceryl caprylate/caprate

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Captex medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) are preferred lipophilic vehicles and solvents and are used alone or in combination with other formulation aids, bioavailability enhancers, etc. Captex MCTs are ideal in solution, suspension, emulsion and microemulsion formulations.

Functional Benefits Include:

  • Ability to solubilize active nutritional ingredients to enhance absorption while contributing almost no taste to the formulation
  • Useful as a processing aid in various delivery forms such as, soft gels and powders
  • Excellent stability with 24-36 month shelf life

Nutritional Benefits include:

  • Sustained energy
  • Supports weight management
  • Healthy cognition

Multiple Sustainable Raw Material Options Available 

Coconut, Palm-free, and RSPO Options

Product Name

Chemical Name Caprylic (C8) fatty acid content (%) Capric (C10) fatty acid content (%) CAS Number
Captex 300 Glyceryl Tricaprylate/ Tricaprate ~70 ~30  65381-09-1
Captex 355 Glyceryl Tricaprylate/ Tricaprate ~55 ~35 65381-09-1,
Captex 1000  Glyceryl Tricaprate <1 98 621-71-6
Captex 8000  Glyceryl Tricaprylate 98 <1 538-23-8

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These polyglycerol esters (PGEs) are used as emulsifiers and solubilizers in an array of nutritional supplements because they offer a wide range of HLBs meeting the needs of many formulation requirements. In addition, other benefits include:

  • Improves texture and consistency
  • Works well with proteins to improve flow properties
  • Adds additional unique properties such as improved texture and smooth mouth feel
  • Stabilizes aerated systems by controlling the agglomeration of fat globules
  • Reduces interfacial tension at oil-water boundaries

Product Name

Chemical Name CAS Number

Caprol 3GO

Triglycerol  Monooleate 9007-48-1
Caprol ET Hexaglycerol Octasterate 67784-82-1
Caprol MPGO Polyglycerol Esters of Oleic Acid 9007-48-1
Caprol PGE 860 Decaglycerol Mono- & Dioleate 9007-48-1

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