Pharmaceutical Applications

ABITEC's lipid based excipients offer numerous advantages for an array of pharmaceutical applications. We provide solutions in solubilization, emulsification, and lubrication as well as permeation enhancement and encapsulation. Our excipients are utilized widely by formulators in solving their drug delivery issues.


The solubility issues with active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) can lead to reduced bioavailability, as both dissolution and permeation of the active are required absorption. ABITEC's functional lipids can be employed to generate oil in water emulsions which solubilize the active resulting in increased bioavailability.


Self-Emulsifying Drug Delivery Systems (SEDDS) enhance oral delivery and absorption of lipophilic drugs. ABITEC offers a full portfolio of lipids that are useful as emulsifiers, co-emulsifiers, and surfactants in the development of this type of drug delivery.

Dry Binding

Featuring, STEROTEX® NF lubricating dry binder for direct compression tableting.  The oleaginous nature of Sterotex NF provides boundary lubrication to direct-compression tableting blends reducing ejection force.  

Permeation Enhancement

Lipids are a natural part of human physiology, and as such, they have the ability to affect certain biological processes that can lead to permeation enhancement for certain active pharmaceutical ingredients (API's). These permeation enhancements can lead to increased bioavailability for certain BCS (Biopharmaceutics Classification System) Class III and BCS Class IV API's.  ABITEC's manufactures a series of functional lipids that can be employed for permeation enhancement.


In the pharmaceutical market many drugs are encapsulated within soft or hard shell capsules. Many components within the solution or powder can contribute to issues with encapsulation. ABITEC supplies a range of ingredients that can ensure that successful encapsulation processing is accomplished.

Controlled Release

ABITEC ingredients can aid in the controlled release of your active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and ensure that the right benefits are received by the patient.

Processing Aids

ABITEC has a portfolio of products that can be used as processing aids for your tablet and softgel manufacturing. Our products work well as lubricants, printing and painting of softgels, as an anti-adhesive for tablets, and more!

Medical Cannabis

Lipid-based drug delivery of medical cannabis actives, such as CBD and THC, can provide numerous advantages, including improved solubility, increased bioavailability, transdermal transport, expanded routes of administration, faster onset of action and reduced gastric degradation of cannabis actives.