Processing Aids

The manufacturing of pharmaceutical dosage forms involves numerous formulation-specific unit operations.  Many of these unit operations require the use of processing aid ingredients in order to be effective and efficient.  ABITEC manufactures and supplies a multitude of highly-functional ingredients that serve as processing aids in various pharmaceutical manufacturing operations, including direct compression tableting, soft-gel lubrication, and numerous other manufacturing processes.

Featured Product: Captex® Medium-Chain Triglycerides (MCTs)

Captex® MCT oils act as lubricants and allow for printing, and painting of soft gels. Captex can be used in soft gel fill solutions to increase solubility and bioavailability of insoluble compounds, and in tableting as an anti-adhesive and polishing agent.

Available Products


Captex medium-chain triglyceride oil is made by esterifying glycerine or glycerol and vegetable sourced caprylic and capric fatty acids. Many characteristics of these products allow for ease in manufacturing tablets and softgels.

Additionally, our products are:

  • Suitable for vegan and/or vegetarian diets
  • Gluten free
  • Kosher & Halal
  • Not manufactured from bio engineered ingredients (Non-GMO)

Functional benefits include:

  • Useful in lubrication, printing, and painting of soft gels, and as an anti-adhesive, and polishing agent in tablets
  • Ability to solubilize active nutritional ingredients to enhance absorption while contributing almost no taste to the formulation
  • Excellent stability 24-36 months

Multiple Sustainable Raw Material Options Available 

Coconut, Palm-free, and RSPO Options

Product Name

Chemical Name Caprylic (C8) fatty acid content (%) Capric (C10) fatty acid content (%) CAS Number
Captex 300 Glyceryl Tricaprylate/ Tricaprate ~70 ~30  65381-09-1
Captex 355 Glyceryl Tricaprylate/ Tricaprate ~55 ~35 65381-09-1,

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Sterotex is designed to be dry blended into tablet formulations to provide for lubrication during direct compression tableting. Additionally, Sterotex can be melt processed to generate the active containing multi-particulates with sustained-release, abuse-deterrent, and/or taste masking characteristics.

Additionally, Sterotex acts as a binding lubricant and can extend shelf-life of the compact by altering its moisture absorption properties, and provide you the opportunity to customize tablet appearance.

The Sterotex line is reproducibly manufactured by the hydrogenation of selected vegetable oils.

Product Name Chemical Name CAS Numbe
Sterotex HM Hydrogenated Soybean Oil 8016-70-4
Sterotex NF Hydrogenated Cottonseed Oil 68334-00-9
Sterotex P Palm Oil and Modified Palm Oil  


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