Encapsulation is the process of enclosing a small ingredient, either solid or liquid within a shell or coating. Encapsulation of Active Nutraceutical Ingredients (ANI's) may be needed to protect the active, to control the release of the active, or to enhance functionality of the formulation. The production of encapsulated ANI's varies based on the characteristics of the ANI, desired particle size and final formulation requirements, there is not a "one-size fits all" encapsulation solution. ABITEC's functional lipids including Sterotex® and Capmul® are utilized to create functional ANI-containing encapsulates.

ABITEC's functional lipids aid in solubility, emulsification, and permeability offering unique benefits to the encapsulation of actives including vitamins, minerals, and probiotics.

Sterotex® P

Sterotex P is a spray chilled powder produced from fractionated, non-hydrogentated, refined palm oil. It is an excellent ingredient for developing encapsulated multi-particulates, and matrix multi-particulates by means of congealing, hot-melt spraying, or micro-encapsulation processing. Sterotex is utilized as an encapsulating coating or as a matrix material in applications such as sustained-release, delayed-release, active barrier protection, and taste masking. Sterotex serves as a uniform, encapsulating outer shell which protects the active and allows for modified release or for the deposition of other functional coatings.

Product Name Chemical Name
Sterotex P Palm Oil and Modified Palm Oil

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Capmul mono- and diglycerides improve the bioavailability of insoluble and/or impermeable ANIs.  Additionally, Capmul products can be employed as pore formers to aid in the release of actives.

Product Name Chemical Name CAS Number 
Capmul 471 Glyceryl caprylate/caprate  
Capmul GMO-50 Glyceryl Monooleate 25496-72-4


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