Encapsulation of active ingredients is intended to impart desired functionality on a specific pharmaceutical dosage form. The unit operation involves the inclusion of an active within a multi-particulate designed to provide a specific functionality or multiple functionalities, such as sustained or delayed release. ABITEC manufactures a series of functional lipids that are readily employed in encapsulation unit operations.


Sterotex hydrogentated vegetable fats are an excellent ingredient for developing encapsulated multi-particulates as well as matrix mulit-particulates by means of congealing, hot-melt spraying, or micro-encapsulation processing. Sterotex grades can be employed as encapsulating coatings or matrix materials in applications such as sustained-release, abuse deterrence, moisture barrier, and taste masking. Sterotex can also serve as a uniform, encapsulating substrate coat for the further deposition of other functional coatings.

Product Name Chemical Name CAS Number
Sterotex HM Hydrogenated Soybean Oil 8016-70-4
Sterotex K, NF Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil (soybean & castor) 8016-70-4,
Sterotex NF Hydrogenated Cottonseed Oil  68334-00-9


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Acconon excipients are well-characterized mixtures of polyoxyethylene mono- and diglycerides, fatty acids or fatty alcohols. They are used to improve the bioavailability of poorly water soluble drugs by direct solubilization or by acting as a stabilizing surfactant in active carrying emulsions.

Product Name Chemical Name CAS Number
Acconon AKG-6 EP/NF* Oleoyl Macrogolglycerides 69071-70-1
Acconon C-44 EP/NF* Lauroyl Macrogoglycerides 67701-26-2
Acconon C-50 EP/NF* Stearoyl Macrogolglycerides or Stearoyl Polyoxylglycerides  121548-05-8

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As part of our ongoing R&D efforts, ABITEC is pleased to announce the release of a two new products CAPMUL® GDB EP/NF, a glycerol dibehenate and CAPMUL® GML-90 NF a glyceryl monolaurate used in modified release for oral solid dosage forms.

Used primarily as:

  • Lubricant for tablets and capsules
  • Inert lipid matrix for sustained release
  • Formulation aid

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