Specialty Markets

Our ingredients serve a range of applications as diverse as cosmetics, fabric softeners, industrial and institutional cleaners, coatings, plastics processing, industrial lubricants, metalworking fluids and car wash rinse aids. 

Personal Care, Cosmetics & Candles

We offer a variety of innovative ingredients for cosmetics and beauty care products. Our ingredients are vegetable-based, many are also biodegradable, and food grade materials derived from renewable resources.

Lubricants & Metalworking Fluids

ABITEC manufactures base oils and performance enhancing additives, for lubricant and metalworking fluid applications, that are based on natural, renewable raw materials. Our product line includes base fluids, friction modifiers, emulsifiers, surfactants (nonionic and cationic) and lubricity improvers. We can also provide a range of toll manufacturing and blending services at our plants in the USA.

Household, Industrial & Institutional

ABITEC Corporation draws from years of expertise to offer a range of oleochemical-based ethoxylates, propoxylates and quaternaries for industrial applications including, fabric softeners, household cleaners, industrial and institutional cleaners, and car rinse aids. 

Contract & Toll Manufacturing

We offer a convenient, cost-competitive service for customers looking to develop and manufacture new oleochemical molecules and blend or toll-manufacture an established product. ABITEC can supply raw materials or manufacture with your supplied raw materials.