Nutritional Market

ABITEC provides ingredients that may support products for a healthy lifestyle across many different markets by offering both nutritional and functional ingredients. We know each person's lifestyle and nutritional needs are unique thereby warranting different benefits and functionality. Our ingredients can be used in an array of nutritional markets, from sports nutrition and weight management all the way to animal nutrition.

Featured Product:

CAPTEX® Medium-Chain Triglycerides (MCTs)

  • Medium-Chain Triglycerides (MCTs) provide sustainable energy, increased thermogenesis, promote prolonged satiety, and may aid in cognitive enhancement [1-3]
  • Kosher and Halal
  • Not manufactured from bioengineered ingredients (Non-GMO)
  • May aid in post-workout recovery
  • Powdered forms available in our Nutri Sperse® product line
  • Excellent stability with 24-36 month shelf life

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Dietary Supplements

ABITEC offers a full range of ingredients to aid in the nutritional and functional performance of your supplements no matter the delivery format. We offer products that may aid in delivery, absorption, performance, energy, and more!

Sports Nutrition

ABITEC's unique ingredient portfolio allows end use innovators to reach a wider range of sports enthusiasts and accommodate extensive delivery forms such as, pill, powders, and liquids. 

Weight Management

We know losing weight is not easy but keeping it off can be even more difficult. ABITEC’s line of CAPTEX® MCTs can increase thermogenesis, promote satiety and may assist with weight loss when combined with other healthy lifestyle choices [1-3].

Animal Nutrition

ABITEC believes your pet deserves the best nutrition possible which is why our ingredients are used across a wide range of pet care products. Beyond the nutritional benefits of weight wellness and cognition, our ingredients could assist with the delivery and absorption of vital nutrients.

Clinical Nutrition

Medical practitioners encourage their patients to consume a healthy balance of nutrients, vitamins and minerals.  ABITEC's ingredients can help with the bioavailability of such nutrients through multiple dosage forms such as oral, parenteral, and enteral nutrition.

Food, Flavor & Coatings

ABITEC’s nutritional ingredients provide a variety of functional benefits including improved texture, flavor and appearance. They can be incorporated into a variety of food products ranging from spices all the way to candy coatings.


ABITEC's functional lipids could help aid in the solubilization, emulsification, and delivery of your cannabis actives in a variety of applications including tinctures, softgels, beverages, gummies, pet chews, and more!


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