Dry Binding

ABITEC's excipients have a wide range of application capabilities including for use in lubrication of direct-compression tablet formulations. Proper lubrication during direct compression tableting is vital to reducing friction and the wear on punches and dies. In addition to their excellent lubrication properties, ABITEC's excipients can also be employed in sustained release, taste-masking, abuse-deterrence and solubility applications.

Featured Product: Sterotex® NF


STEROTEX NF (Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil Type I) functions both as a boundary lubricant and as a dry binder.  The oleaginous nature of Sterotex NF provides boundary lubrication to direct-compression tableting blends reducing ejection force.  Sterotex NF also plastically deforms at relatively low compression pressures providing increased tablet hardness and reduced tablet friability making it an ideal dry binder for direct compression tableting operations.


  • Freely flowing
  • Plastically deforming at low compression pressures
  • Provides boundary lubrication and reduces ejection force
  • Economical compared to other dry binders
  • Reduced effect on disintegration times compared with magnesium stearate

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Sterotex is designed to be dry blended into pharmaceutical tablet formulations to provide for lubrication during direct compression tableting. Additionally, Sterotex can be melt processed to generate the active containing multi-particulates with sustained-release, abuse-deterrent, moisture barrier, and/or taste masking characteristics.

The Sterotex line is reproducibly manufactured by the prilling (spray-chilling) of selected, hydrogenated vegetable oils.

Product Name Chemical Name CAS Number
 Sterotex HM, NF  Hydrogenated Soybean Oil  8016-70-4
Sterotex K, NF  Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil (soybean & castor) 8016-70-4,
Sterotex NF Hydrogenated Cottonseed Oil 68334-00-9

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Captex medium-chain esters are preferred lipophilic vehicles and solvents, used alone or in combination with other excipients, in the development of solution, suspension, emulsion and microemulsion formulations for various delivery systems. Captex is most well-known as an excellent solubilizer and carrier for actives, however, its unique properties also make it very beneficial in lubricant and processing of soft gel and hard gelatin capsules.

Product Name

Chemical Name

CAS Number

Captex 300 EP/NF Glycerol Tricaprylate/caprate 65381-09-1, or
Captex 355 EP/NF Glycerol Tricaprylate/caprate 65381-09-1, or


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