Our Environment, Health & Safety

Our Environment, Health & Safety initiatives encourage all employees to take responsibility, accountability and authority for ensuring safety, health and environment issues are controlled throughout the organization daily.

-Jay Gasser, Safety, Health & Environmental Manager

As an ABF Ingredients company, ABITEC's operations and employees fully endorse and support the ABF Ingredient's global gorporate Safety, Health, and Environment (SHE) Policy.

Global Corporate Safety, Health, and Environment (SHE) Policy

ABF Ingredients is committed to conducting its business in a manner, which complies with country specific and other relevant local legislation, protects the safety, health and welfare of our employees and others affected by our activities and minimizes adverse effects on the environment.

We consider the effective management of Safety, Health and Environmental risks to be of equal importance to other activities for the efficient operation of the business. Through a process of continuous improvement ABF Ingredients will ensure it meets its obligations as a responsible Global Company. ABF Ingredients will measure and manage its Safety, Health and Environmental performance.

The Chief Executive Officer of each ABF Ingredients business is ultimately responsible for the Safety, Health and Environmental risks and providing strong leadership to continuously improve the health, safety and environment culture and manage those risks. This responsibility is discharged by the local management within each Operating Company through the principle that:

"Where all line managers including Directors, Managers, Supervisors or other employees who have responsibility, accountability and authority for business operations, they also have responsibility and accountability for ensuring associated Safety, Health and Environmental risks are controlled".

All Operating Companies within ABF Ingredients will ensure, as a minimum, this policy is adopted, communicated and implemented.

Suitable Policies and Procedures will be in place, appropriate to the local conditions, to achieve the following aims of ABF Ingredients:

• Provide and maintain a safe and healthy workplace, plant and systems of work which take into account the individual needs of our employees and others affected by our activities

• Provide sufficient resources to establish, implement, maintain and improve appropriate safety, health and environmental management systems

• Prevent injuries and work-related ill health by managing the safety and health risks, so far as is reasonably practicable

• Investigate injuries, work-related ill health, dangerous occurrences, environmental incidents and near misses and implement actions to prevent their recurrence.

• Where an employee is away for more than 7 days due to a work related injury or ill health then a return to work plan must be in place

• Provide information, instruction and training for all employees to ensure their competence and enable them to take reasonable care for the health and safety of themselves and any others affected by their actions and to minimize the environmental impacts arising from their actions

• Engage with and consult our employees to ensure they adopt a proactive attitude towards the control of Safety, Health and Environmental hazards, risks and impacts and contribute to the implementation of good practices

• Responsible use of natural resources through implementation of active controls to minimize energy and water use, prevent waste and minimize emissions

• Prevent pollution and other unacceptable environmental impacts wherever possible

• Minimize packaging and fuel use consistent with the requirements for food safety, product protection, customers' demands and efficient production and vehicle fleet operation

• Compliance with local safety, health and environmental legislation and where appropriate

other relevant standards and codes of practice such as those prescribed by our customers, as a minimum for all operations

• Effective emergency response procedures are in place to minimize the impact of incidents on persons and the environment

• Integrated management of Safety, Health and Environmental issues within the normal operational Business Management Systems used to control operations

• Continuous Improvement of safety, health and environmental performance through setting, monitoring and regular review of objectives and targets to implement good practice

• Significant site, plant and process changes are assessed and positively authorized in advance to prevent adverse environmental impacts and/or Health and Safety risks