We take our responsibility to our environment seriously and understand the importance of keeping our world clean, safe, and ready for the next generation. We use natural resources efficiently and strive to source natural ingredients responsibly while continuously looking into how we can make a positive impact on the environment.

Our environmental certifications

International organizations recognize our environmental achievements. We hold ISO 14001:2015, demonstrating that our environmental management systems successfully enhance our environmental performance.

EcoVadis is a holistic sustainability rating service of companies, and their assessment awarded us with an EcoVadis Silver award, placing the quality of our sustainability management system in the top 25% of companies.

Two of our MCT oil products have also been audited by EcoCert and certified to the USDA organic regulations.

Looking after water

At our ABITEC Corp Janesville site, we invested in a distributed control system to reduce the water needed to cool our chemical reactors. It works by controlling the contact time to allow more heat to be absorbed by the water.

This major water conservation project has reduced water usage from 21 gallons per pound of product to 8 gallons per pound of product. 

Managing waste

Reducing waste is fundamental to protecting the environment. By identifying beneficial reuse of waste streams, we were able to move from the Large Quantity Generator category to now being categorized as a Small Quantity Generator. Since 2008, we have diverted over 570 tons of hazardous waste.

Reducing emissions

At ABITEC, we recognize the role we must play in reducing the emissions from our operations and the influence we can have in emission reductions across our value chain. We monitor our scopes 1, 2 and 3 emissions to ensure that we include those from third-party transport in our value chain.

Responsible sourcing

As part of the international ABF Ingredients group within Associated British Foods, robust internal policies guide our sourcing practices. We also hold ourselves to high international and third-party standards, using third-party guidance. For instance, we source a small amount of palm-related raw materials for a limited number of products and do so responsibly as a proud member of the Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO).

As part of our Sedex membership, we are SMETA audited to their stringent 4-Pillar standard, which focuses on working conditions and environmental performance within our direct business and supply chain.