Manufacturing SEDDS with ABISORB-DC White Paper Request

Manufacturing of 10mg loratadine self-emulsifying drug delivery system (SEDDS) tablets by direct compression with ABISORB-DC™ and the ABISOL™ Emulsion Preconcentrate Kit  

John Tillotson R.Ph., Ph.D., Donald Kelemen Ph.D.

10mg loratadine SEDDS were successfully manufactured with ABISORB-DCTM and ABISOLTM 2 by direct compression on a rotary tablet press, employing standard pharmaceutical manufacturing equipment.

  • Tablets exhibited suitable robustness, as demonstrated by both tablet hardness and friability. 
  • Tablets were both weight uniform and passed the uniformity of dosage unit requirements, with regard to loratadine concentrations.
  • Tablets exhibited complete drug release.  

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