"Not just fat" Exploring Octadecanoids as Novel Bioactive Lipids in Inflammation

05/27/2021 - 05/27/2021

In this webinar we will cover a brief overview of Larodan's products and capabilities, then focus our discussion on Exploring Octadecanoids as Novel Bioactive Lipids in Inflammation.

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Webinar Speakers

Craig E. Wheelock, Ph.D.

Associate Professor in the Department of Medical Biochemistry and Biophysics at the Karolinska Institutet, Sweden


Craig serves as director of the Integrative Molecular Phenotyping Laboratory at the Karolinska Institutet. He is also a Distinguished Visiting Professor at Gunma University, Japan, where he leads the Karolinska International Open Laboratory in metabolomics. Following post-doctoral work on lipid mediators at the University of California Davis, he conducted additional post-doctoral studies at the KEGG laboratory in Kyoto University, Japan. In 2006, he was awarded a Marie Curie Fellowship to relocate to the Karolinska Institute, where he founded the Integrative Molecular Phenotyping Laboratory. His research uses mass spectrometry to investigate the role of small molecules in disease etiology using metabolomics and lipidomics. A particular area of interest in the group is investigating the role of bioactive lipids including octadecanoids, eicosanoids and other lipid mediators of inflammation.


Carl Johan Arevång

Operations Director at Larodan AB

Carl received his Masters in Organic Chemistry from Karlstad University and worked at the Medicinal Chemistry department at AstraZeneca R&D for 12 years with various positions. Carl took a sabbatical for 2 years working with natural products at the University of Michigan at the Medicinal Chemistry & Life Science Institute. He started at Larodan 8 years ago as a lipid product manager and is now the operations director and site manager at Larodan in Stockholm, Sweden. He is also part of the Executive Board at Euro Fed Lipids who is a federation of 13 European scientific associations.


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