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Eye On Excipients

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"To form a durable compact in a direct-compression tableting process, you must physically compress, under relatively high pressure, a homogenized blend of powders, including any active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and any excipients necessary to the tablet's function or suitable manufacture. The term "compaction" describes the process of forming a solid tablet out of powder, while the term "compression" describes the powder's reduction in volume during compaction." Continue Reading Eye On Excipients Now

Dr. John Tillotson

Technical Business Director – Pharmaceuticals

ABITEC Corporation


About the Author:

John K. Tillotson, RPh, PhD, is pharmaceutical technical business director at Abitec, 501 West 1st Avenue, Columbus, OH 43215. Tel: 614 429 6464. Email: [email protected]. His research areas include functional lipids, SEDDS development, and direct-compression tableting.