ABISORB-DC™ Co-processed Excipient System

ABISORB-DC™ is a co-processed excipient system. It allows manufacturers to make direct compression tablets with liquid lipids and other lipophilic excipients without the need for specialized equipment or processes.

ABISORB-DC™ combines the enhanced bioavailability of lipid-based drug delivery with the easy manufacturing and high throughput of direct compression tableting using standard equipment.

ABISORB-DC™ is designed to balance tablet compaction with liquid lipid absorption. It facilitates the complete absorption of both single-lipid and SEDDS systems into the excipient system whilst still being suitable for processing on industry standard tableting equipment such as granulators, mixers and rotary tablet presses. What's more, SEDDS tablets can be compacted at industry press speeds.


ABISORB-DC™ is the ideal lipid-carrying direct compression tableting system.

  • Manufactured from compendial excipients
  • Free-flowing powder
  • High lipid absorbing capacity (20-25% w/w)
  • Large surface area
  • Inert
  • Easy to handle
  • Easy to blend
  • Highly compactable
  • Non-sticking to tablet punches, dies or other tableting surfaces

Physical Characteristics

Bulk Density 0.28 g/mL
Tapped Density 0.40 g/mL
Skeletal Density 1.78 g/mL
Surface Area 76.9 m2/g
Carney Flow 0.39 g/sec

Manufacturing with ABISORB-DC™

Producing tablets with ABISORB-DC™ involves a simple four-step process with standard equipment such as reactors, hi-shear granulators, mixers and rotary tablet presses:

Manufacture of 10mg loratadine SEDDS tablets with ABISORB-DC

10mg loratadine SEDDS were successfully manufactured with ABISORB-DC. You can request a copy of our white paper below.

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